Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Multimedia Genius provides Internet Marketing Consulting and Services for Small & Medium Businesses.We broken down Internet marketing services into more specialized areas such as ODM,SEM,SEO,SMM,Pay per click & Google Analytics services.

We offer the ultimate marketing solutions for your business .Our experts help Small & Medium businesses promoting their websites & driving traffics to their sites in the search engines in order to build brand and reputation through our digital marketing strategies.

Benefits you reap,

  •    More traffic & Visibility
  •    More conversions
  •    More Profitability

For more leads & Fruitful juicy results,we are the one stop Internet marketing solution provider.We keep on change with marketing tools we use in order to sustain and evolve continuously.Do not waste another day. Check our Effective Internet Marketing Strategy.


Our Pricing Models

Depending on project scope & duration we avail three different models for clients to pick out.

It is perfect and more appropriate for short-term projects with clear and well-documented requirements. During the process We can agree on periodic payments based on milestone delivery.

Benefits you reap
  •    Low risk
  •    Little Supervision
  •    Project completion assurance within budget & time frame

More suitable & popularity model for Long term Project with dynamic requirements. It is fully negotiable and can use an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rate for the amount of work, resources, materials, & other expenses that were applied in the development process.

Benefits you reap
  •    Flexible & Negotiable budget
  •    Client can have a significant control over the project
  •    Enhanced specification can be added by client at any stage

It is for long-term projects where We provide competent IT experts based on project requirements. They dedicatedly work only for the clients project. For this model Client supposed to pay single sum of money on monthly basis that depends on the size of the team & their skill sets.

Benefits you reap
  •    FlexibleFully predictable budget
  •    Client can have a full control over the project
  •    Delivery Effectiveness is more

For Smarter, Better & Faster Decision on your project-Contact our Consultants to Know more. It costs you nothing!!!