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About Multimedia Genius IT Services

Our team members have more than 45 years of experience combined in development, computer graphics, print and electronic media. As developers and graphic designers, we are able to advise you and coordinate branding, development and printing needs. An organization today needs at minimum a website, logo, business cards, and letterhead. In addition, your promotion strategy might call for a brochure, print advertising, signage or banners, packaging, and special give-aways. We will work with existing elements you want to keep, or develop a package from scratch.

Multimedia Genius also caters to the specialized needs of schools and churches, designing and producing such items as van decals, uniforms, yearbooks, flyers, programs, book lists, and electronic bulletin boards. Our in-house services include photography and video to commemorate personal and family projects.

Our special features include:

One-Stop Shop

Whether you want to promote your organization or have a personal project, we can do it all. Our services include website design and management; graphic design for all media; photography and video; and printing. By locating these functions together, we save you time and money; we are able to advise you about how to select and coordinate each element of your design and guarantee a distinctive and integrated final product.

Individualized Attention

Every project receives Chris Ojo’s individual attention. With a deep background in design motifs for every industry and purpose, we will show you a variety of ideas, create mock-ups that you can choose from, and give you a product that is appropriate to your purpose while being unique and fresh. Chris will take the time to understand your needs and explain the processes and materials involved for every job.We maintain a roster of on-call creative staff to help you craft your message.

Significant Cost Break

Multimedia Genius keeps overhead low and offers very competitive pricing. First-time customers receive a 20% discount, and we mark-down costs for large jobs and regular orders.

Quality Product. Attractive pricing doesn’t mean lower quality. Our cutting-edge equipment and applications meet the highest industry standards for producing a wide variety of advanced digital and print products.

Rush Orders

We know you need to move immediately to capture an unexpected opportunity or implement a new idea. Our on-call creative team means that we are always able to accommodate your rush needs.

Payment and Ordering Options

Pay by check, debit card, or credit card; terms available. Convenient ordering options, including online through our website.

Delivery and Home or Office Consultation

Too busy to come in? Multimedia Genius offers free delivery and consultation at the client’s business or home. Just call us and set up an appointment.

Education and Training

We want our customers to be knowledgeable about their options and comfortable with their choices. Therefore, Multimedia hosts periodic evening “Learning Circle” events where Chris and other experts will present topics on branding, design, and websites.

Community Commitment

Chris Ojo has lived in the Laurel since 2008. With deep roots in the four-county area, we are especially able to work with local churches, schools, sports groups, and clubs. We provide intern opportunities for youth and run an eco-friendly shop.